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Apply & Removal

Application of Lashes:

#1 Handle with Care
Gently remove lashes from storage box by pulling on the ribbon to pull out the tray. Then with clean hands or tweezers gently remove the lashes from the tray. Do not tug on the individual lashes, only handle from the band.

#2 Measure & Trim
Fit the lashes to base of your natural lash line, trim any excess from the outer corner of the lash.

#3 Apply Lash Glue
Apply lash glue along the entire clear or cotton band and wait a few seconds for glue to become tacky. We recommend our Duo glue with the brush.  The brush will help you put a light coat of glue on just the band lash. We suggest waiting 35-40 seconds for glue to get tacky, but it will slightly vary with different brands.

#4 Adhere
Apply the middle of the lashes to as close to the base of your natural lash line as possible.  Once you release the middle of the lash, use tweezers to pull down the outside of the lash to the outside corner of your eye.  Make sure it matches and does not go beyond your eye and meets at the corner.  Once the outside is in place work on the inside of the eye and pull down the of the lash to adhere close to your natural lash line.

#5 Press and Hold
Use the end of the tweezers and gently push the lash band to your natural lash line.  This tip is to help avoid any gaps between the lash band your natural lash line and keeps the look of the lash as natural as possible.

#6 Blend
Use your tweezers or clean finger tips and gently squeeze your natural lash and your 3D Mink lash together.  This will help them blend together.

Removal of Lashes:

#1.  Dissolve Glue
Using a cotton swab, dab some oil-free makeup remover along the band of the lashes. We suggest not getting the makeup remover on the lashes.  So don’t soak the cotton swab. Wait a few seconds for the glue to soften dissolve.

#2. Gently Remove Lashes
Gently push down the lashes by the band area. If you notice any resistance, repeat dissolving glue step #1. The lashes should come off eyes effortlessly. Start on the outside of eye and pull off the lash. Avoid pulling the band or tugging on the individual lashes.

#3. Remove lash glue from lashes
Gently rub off remaining lash glue from the lash band with a cotton swab dipped in oil-free makeup remover. This will keep your lashes lightweight and flexible, looking clean and extending the life and comfort of your lashes.

#4 Store safely
Keep your lashes in great condition by storing them in their Made for More Lashes box after each use.